NOse - No suicidal Exit

Can videos help saving lives?

We don´t know, but what we do know is that we want to help raise awareness of the taboo topic of suicide.

NoSE stands for No Suicidal Exit. Our videos of the #savelivesbytalking series:

Hang in there!
Run it through your head again!
Sleep on it!

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Based on personal experience and the conviction to recognize and address social problems, we initiated the action platform NoSE - No Suicidal Exit in cooperation with the Osnabrück-based non-profit organization Stigma e.V.


from left to right: Oliver Leggewie, Eva Lause and Stefan Lange 

The initiative was created by the author, creator, You-Tube enthusiast and experienced survivor Stefan Lange, who has been involved in suicide prevention for a number of years.


NoSE is formed from the initial letters of the project team: N., who left the team to devote herself to new projects, Olli, Stefan and Eva.

Project Goal


We want to draw attention to a social tabu subject with short films (videos) and other art forms about suicide. More than 800,000 people are killed each year worldwide; that means every 40 seconds a person dies of suicide, every 3 seconds someone tries.


One does not speak about the topic, the themes of death and sadness are repressed. The problem is that sufferers are afraid to open up. The environment does not find the courage and the right words to approach those affected, and the majority of society lacks empathy and understanding of the subject.


The barrier to be broken is the unwillingness and ability to talk about it. However, opening oneself is a decisive and important step for the help of those affected. Therefore, the key message in all videos is:


talk about it, because talking can save lives!





According to the WHO (World Health Organization), suicide is the second leading cause of death among the 15- to 29-year-old age group. Worldwide, half of all deaths caused by violence are suicides among men. For women, it is even 71 percent. Compared to the intense and far reaching poster and TV campaigns for traffic education ("Don't drink and drive!"), Drugs ("Say not to drugs!") And AIDS ("Act against AIDS!"), practically almost nothing happens when it comes to facing the fact of the high number of suicides.


We want to change that and make a contribution to social awareness with our films.


The Project NoSE is an action platform in which art is used in the form of videos, pictures and texts dealing with the topic of suicide and suicide prevention. 


We do not offer consulting services ourselves! 

At this point we would have liked to list the contact details of an international organization involved in suicide prevention, but unfortunately, we were not allowed to do so in connection with our videos. Therefore, we ask you to do your own research. As you are reading this text, we assume that you are familiar with the usage of the Internet. If you enter the name of your country combined with keywords such as "suicide", "help" and "phone" into the search bar of your search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), you will receive links to the corresponding pages. Good luck!

Remember! It may take 10 minutes to write a farewell letter. To dial a friend's number or the number of a life- or helpline not even 10 seconds. Talk about it ...  


It all started with a book, my book, my story ...

SUICIDE is the authentic report of an affected person .



The book is unfortunately only available in German.


Inquieries by publishers and literary agents are welcomed. All rights reserved, Stefan Lange 


More info about the book (in englisch) on my homepage - klick on my name: Stefan Lange 


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